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TAGGED BY :iconzoricchi: OMG THANK YOU! You're tagged back ;P

I know that some of the people here are already tagged in the same game, you can make a journal about this IF YOU WANT.

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Tag 13 people. (if you can)
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 

In the questions I made for you to answer (found below this journal), I made it a lil bit inspirational so whether you're a childish or mature person you can answer it. You're always welcome.


if you noticed in every question of 'who', 'what' and 'yes or no' I added 'why'.

1. What fandom are you most proud to be in?

• Fandoms? Honestly there is no fandom that I'm really active, buuut despite that I choose Undertale :D I discovered this from a GIF of Flowey from 9GAG (it's still saved in my phone!). I have no specific reason why I'm proud here, because this has less sexualized fan arts than the others unlike FNAF where some fan arts are... NO. But I ignore the Meta x Papy shipping cause they're cute. And at least opposite genders. haha.

I really like the story of Undertale, much symbolism and the F E E L S machine when I watched JackSepticEye watch it :lol:

2. What's the reason behind your username here on DA?

• Are you asking the etymology of my username? Well, last grade 8, I played a game called "Bejeweled Twist" from my mom's laptop. I've played the game before I played it in my mother's laptop and I already know it is space themed; the transitions of one level to another looks like a warp or vortex and in the game there is a power up thingy called supernova gem, hence the name "VortexSupernova" as my primary username in my first account. I also used this in my 9GAG, SoundCloud, Twitter, LMMS Forums (newest) and deviantART. I'M ALSO OBSESSED TO ANYTHING SPACE AND ASTRONOMY ESPECIALLY MILKY WAY

It's also cool & masculine and confusing my gender lol! But I'm a straight female. *SAYS SHE HATES FASHION AND GIRLY THINGS*

3. Coffee or Tea?

• Tea, nuts! Coffee causes me mood swings and headache; tea is a good remedy. :meow:

4. If you were to eat only one food for two whole weeks, what would you choose?

• Cooked meatloaf+rice or clubhouse sandwich! Other than those I'll puke if I ate it again and again especially tuna, sardines, mackerel, pancakes, and sausage (EXCEPT THE LIBBY'S BRAND) Yes, I'm choosy when it comes to food oh yeah~

5. Cats or Dogs?

• Dogs. Cats have dry personalities, their very stinky poop can contain protist that cause brain cancer when entered in human body, and lastly, they're nothing like a lazy god and just sitting around. It's my opinion sawry nut sawry

6. Nickelodeon, Disney, or Cartoon Network?

• Disney. CN is now trash, those revived old cartoons with adult jokes I don't watch Nick anymore, but it's still decent though, I think.

7. Disney/Pixar or DreamWorks?

• Pixar! None of the DreamWorks movies got my feels except HTTYD 2. Inside Out, Up, and Toy Story 3 ruined my inside :faint: and—oh—I cried 3 times in the cinema when I watched Inside Out. I had headache from controlling my tears and I really regret watching it.

8. What's your most preferred art medium?

• Digital, cause when you're traditional you have to buy this and that. In digital everything does not run out unlike in real life your art supplies might run out like paint, etc. In digital it's endless but yeah you have to buy brushes sometimes but it doesn't run out ;P but the price of paid softwares like Autodesk and Photoshop may hurt your butts lmao

I actually use a complex free software that offers A LOT of free brushes that's why I wrote like this lol.

9. Do you have a favorite YouTuber?

• Many, but, eh, most of the Youtubers I follow are EDM record labels and this question hit me :lmao: For now, it's Billy Woodford and his crew (Founders of No Copyright Sounds). He made this record label to provide royalty free and copyright free music for YouTube-ers who are troubled when using copyrighted music in their videos. ALL MUSIC ARE FREE DOWNLOADS!!! The music are decent and contain real melodies too, AND NO PORN!

Another one is Waterflame "Heh." a literal musician of EVERYTHING. I made a YouTube profile just to follow the composers of Geometry Dash and Cytus OST ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I won't bother him from tagging, this is his dA profile. Don't stalk! hahahaha! -

Gaming? Omg, JACKSEPTICEYE!!! He's really good like Pewds and Markie but when I watched him playing That Dragon Cancer he does not comment bad about religion.

10. Top 3 characters that you would like to cosplay (may be from a game, anime, book, movie, etc.)!

• I don't watch shows and read fictions now :/ But here, I'll list something that I was forced. Lol.

1. Elsa from Frozen
2. Pincess Bubblegum (I don't need to say where she is from)
3. Either of the boyish twins from How to Train Your Dragon (They're so cool)

When I don't have a budget:

1. The "Lider" from "Ang Tatlong Bibe"

11. What Hogwarts house would you most likely be in?

• Sawry, I don't know Hawei Pouttah things. Ahahaha I'm clueless about this. I'M REALLY WEIRD.

12. Halloween or Christmas?

• Of course, CHRISTMAS! In this holiday everything is literally hype hype hype HYPE. Also this holiday fits for inspirational things. In Halloween it's like fear and death and no real happiness.

13. If you were a Pokemon, what type would you be?

• An electric type, so I will look electrifying majestic lol.

My questions!

1. Why you joined DeviantART?

2. Do consider your closest people who interact to you here in this website as FRIENDS even tho you don't know who are they in real life?

3. Do you have talents besides art?

4. The best movie for you that changed your life?

5. You were in the hospital bed, you cannot move and you have only few weeks to live but you can still speak. What was your last wish?

6. Your biggest inspiration? (Anything)

7. Alan Walker said that he does not want making music as his job because it can cause pressure and Force to him, he'll rather make it as a hobby. Let's change music into visual art, did you feel the same as him? Why?

8. What is the most beautiful musical composition you ever heard? Why?

9. Do you share your personal problems here on dA? (like when your parents divorce, depression, etc.)

10. ANSWER THIS HONESTLY: Do you like helping people or do you like being helped?

11. Fiction books or nonfiction?

12. Describe the most beautiful earth scenery for you.

13. What did you feel after you answered all of my questions?

TAGGED! (I chose some of my watchers and the deviants showed up in my notifications) :iconvladinym: :iconfallen-leaves-fairy: :iconku-kida: :iconrayiky: :iconalpinusthefox: :iconhypertilde: :iconakzgsgirl:

Tagged back!

I did not tag very mature close friends here in dA.

As stated in the original rule that you need a unique title, so I did it lol!



VortexSupernova's Profile Picture
Trace Anne Sanchez
Artist | Student | Varied
Introverted varied artist: Digital art and few photography, literature and animation! :meow:

Hi! I'm Trace Anne Sanchez. I live in South East Asia and a natural born citizen. I mostly make digital art (MS Paint, Autodesk SketchBook X & Medibang! Paint) and I also make stupid music in LMMS (Shoutout to Vixerswint!. I leik reading reference books and listening to nonvocal music such as video game music, some EDM and orchestra.

I don't give llamas anymore and do not comment in my fave folders IF you are expecting me to reply.

Usage on my art
Email me at or message me here @ DA if you want to use any of my art (commercial/noncommercial) or edit them. Anything advertising and useless things I received from my email will be spammed or deleted. If my art contains watermarks please do NOT remove them. Also, reposting my art is not allowed in image/art centered websites like dA, Artstation, etc. including Newgrounds.
Remember to put credits.

Characters not owned by me:
© All rights reserved to the owners of characters made by them.

Not serious commissions and requests are open.
Gifts are for friends only.


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